3d printing is moving from a realm of prototyping to the realm of manufacturing.

myhand aims to to develop an affordable 3D printed palm system that will allow one to perform selected activities. The basis for the design is the assumption that “I use prosthesis whenever I want, it helps me as a tool, but it is my choice whether to use it or not”. The key to the solutions being developed is to adapt to the needs of users through personalization.

Our approach is to combine 3D printing, electronics, open source solutions, creative coding and algorithmic design. We use User Centered Design methods to clear a path for new solutions. It’s a new approach to prosthesis design which uses local manufacturing on demand to create solutions for local communities.

The core values of myhand is availability, answering a social need and providing a solution to a problem based on learning from potential users.

myhand prosthesis socket

Personalised, 3d printed prosthetic socket is a part of myhand artificial hand project. myhand team worked with 5 users to create prosthetic sockets that are both functional and fit individual aesthetic preferences. Prior to starting the design process myhand team research users needs by conducting users’ interviews.

contact: hello@myhand.io